The most popular hiking routes

Pennine Way, United Kingdom

Stretching 268 miles from the Derbyshire Peak District to the Scottish Borders, the Pennine Way is the United Kingdom's most famous long distance path. The entire walk takes around three weeks, passing over wild moorland east of Manchester and through the picture postcard Yorkshire Dales, before crossing the ancient border of Hadrian's Wall and on toward Scotland.

El Caminito Del Ray, Spain

This hike will provide you with scenic views of the famous region of Andalucia, Spain . Here, you’ll climb summits, go through whitewashed villages, beautiful orchids, and mountain towns.

Lost Coast Trail, California

The Lost Coast Trail in Northern California is often forgotten about. Why? Well, because it is kind of lost. Logging companies tried and failed to build a road through here. Instead, Highway 1 cuts inland from the coast into the windy coastal hills and redwood forests.

The most exciting tours around the USA

Appalachian Trail, Georgia to Maine

One of the oldest long trails in the U.S., the Appalachian Trail is the quintessential long-distance hike. The “A.T.,” as it’s known, stretches from Georgia’s Springer Mountain to Maine’s Mount Katahdin.

Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail

The Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail follows the expedition of Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, sent to explore the West by President Thomas Jefferson in 1804. They began near St Louis, Missouri, continued to the Pacific Ocean, then returned – a round-trip that took over two years.

Alabama: Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge

Bon Secour is French for “safe harbor,” which is the perfect name for this 6,000-acre coastal wildlife refuge. As you wander wood-plank trails above sands and swampland, you just might spot snowy plovers, sea turtles, and other endangered creatures.

The most useful hiking tips

  • 01

    Wear the right shoes and socks

    Painful feet can ruin a hike. Invest in quality hiking shoes and socks. This doesn’t mean heavy leather boots, there are a lot of “light hikers” available that require little break-in compared to the old hiking boots.

  • 02

    Safety Items

    (light, fire, and a whistle) Have means to start an emergency fire, signal for help, and see the trail and your map in the dark.

  • 03

    Resist going alone, And sign in to trail registrars and national park offices

    Backpacking solo can be dangerous. If you have an emergency, there could be no one around to help you. Consider going with a group, especially if you’re going to be off trail in the backcountry, like in Alaska.

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